Karim Rashid used eye-catching colours and hypnotic patterns for the revamp of a cafeteria in South Korea.

With a touch of hypnotic charm, Karim Rashid transformed a typical cafeteria into more than just a place to eat.

Rashid is well known for his playful and whimsical use of colours and patterns. Recently the designer renovated the Lotte Amoje, a department store in South Korea’s food court into an environment of sensory experiences using eye-catching colours, hypnotic patterns and, what he calls, “technorganic” shapes and forms.

Called "Foodcapitol", the design draws on mesmerising curvaceous ceiling patters that extend to conceal soft glowing lights, ultimately blurring the boundaries between technology and organics.

To bring people together and encourage social interaction, Rashid designed wall columns that extend into tables ideally made for seating groups of people at any point in time.

The brightly coloured wall patterns and chairs create a sense of motion and help customers find their way around the area. Cashier stations and snack stations vary in colour, making it easy to distinguish where certain zones are.

The Foodcapitol uses hyper-sensual experiences to create a kaleidoscope of stimuli.