Holding out for a hero

From a neglected concrete structure the Heroes Monument in Bogota, Colombia has been transformed into a vibrant cultural space.

After being closed for more than 40 years the Heroes Monument in Bogota, Colombia has been refurbished and turned into a vibrant cultural showroom.

Designed by Vico Consorti and the J Vásquez Carrizosa architecture firm, the monument, which commemorates important dates, battles and battalions of the Bolivarian independence movement, was originally unveiled by president Guillermo León Valencia in 1963 the monument, but had consequently closed and fallen into disrepair.

Recently the Bogota City Hall joined forces with refurbishment specialists Zona D to transform the monument into a multi-functional space for art and design.

The refurbishment process included the installation of an interior electrical grid, ventilation, handrails, interior stairs, floor restoration, new entrance and exit doors, water and sound proofing, and more.

Bearing the slogan “To preserve what you have, is to preserve what you are” in mind, the idea was to turn the monument into an exhibition space, which maintains the historical value and cultural significance of the original building, that will bring new life to the place.