The GyroGlove reduces hand tremors by 80 per cent

An award-winning device designed to significantly improve the lives of those with tremor-related diseases.

Currently in prototype phase, the GyroGlove is a lightweight device designed to stabilise hand tremors that are common in people who live with diseases like Parkinson’s. The tremors are disruptive to everyday life, but the GyroGlove reduces the shaking enough to allow wearers to use their hands for normal tasks like making a cup of coffee or writing.

The product is engineered with aerospace technology, commonly known as gyroscopes. Like a spinning top, a gyroscope will do its utmost to stay upright to the point where it resists any interrupting force like a sudden tremor. The compact GyroGlove design is made up of a lightweight, strap-on glove and a gyroscope-like gadget inside, which has proven to reduce tremors by 80 per cent.
To track the tremors, the GyroGlove comes with a compatible application that works with smartphones to supply important data to the wearers and their families and doctors.