GreeNanny: A self-watering system for houseplants

Ukrainian inventor Volodymyr Malega’s self-watering system for houseplants is designed to make home gardening a breeze.
Kickstarter project by Volodymyr Malega
For travellers, the elderly and just generally busy people, taking care of houseplants can be tough. A new Kickstarter funded project called GreeNanny is a self-watering system created by  inventor Volodymyr Malega. The device can take care of up to 10 plants at the same time, tailoring its approach to each plant’s needs.
GreeNanny is a nanny for houseplants. It helps to maintain their growth without constant attention from the owner.
The device consists of a 3 litre plastic tank. The 10 tubes connected to it are capable of watering each plant individually. By using information provided by the owner, the device is able to care for each plant’s needs.