Green Product: Citycropps virtually helps create a functional garden

Citycropps is an urban agricultural project that virtually assists app users as they cultivate their own organic gardens.

Developed in Bogota, Colombia, Citycropps helps users successfully manage their own organic gardens at home. After buying their crop and downloading the app, first time growers get tailored advice and instructions on how to plant, grow and harvest them. Crops are chosen from within the application’s portfolio, and checked against user-specific space and climate data. This function makes sure each plant is placed in its ideal growing conditions, and that the application user gets a personalised experience.

The application also sets irrigation alarms around the user’s schedule, and keeps them informed on how to prevent and get rid of the pests that are likely to plague their crop. The mobile application is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Citycropps is one of the selections for Berlin’s Green Product Award. The international competition recognises innovative and sustainable products and services around the world.