Get walking with stylish eco shoes made from recycled plastic bottles

It’s the eco-friendly, super comfortable flat that’s taking off. Rothy’s flats are made from just one material: polyester fibre sourced from recycled bottles.

Everyone has a favourite pair of flats, a go-to shoe for a day out, but sometimes we need the added comfort of flip flops – what if we could have both? Say hello to Rothy’s collection of stylish and oh-so comfortable shoes that, quite literally were made to keep up with the demands of your feet.

So just how were these shoes conceptualised? After several years living and style watching in San Francisco USA, the folks at Rothy’s arrived at a ground-breaking shoe-lution: A go-to shoe that was big on style and versatility and uncompromising on comfort and low-impact materials.


A wardrobe game-changer

Modern with a classic style, Rothy’s are a quintessential wardrobe staple that fits with just about everything in your closet. It’s lightweight to the point that you’ll be forgiven if you wear it all day. Rothy’s have fused style, comfort and versatility superbly – not something fashion is renown for.

It’s soft and practical – a sort of comfort that suggests you’re not wearing any shoes. Some of the innovative features of the shoe. It’s also environmentally friendly. Some of its key features are its Earth-friendly, carbon-free rubber sole, and its recycled water bottle construction.

It’s luxury for your feet all day, every day. From the stylish patterns of the 3-D upper knit to the embroidered logo monogrammed into the plush insole (removable BTW), it’ll work well in the office or if you’re window shopping on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

The sole of the planet

Each shoe is shipped in a resealable shipping box that is also reusable. Thanks to Rothy’s technologies the flats are machine washable and look new after every wash. But, should the time come when you say adeus to your beloved pair, simply send them to the Rothy recycling plant and do your bit to close the gap in making the planet better.

The chic flats were recently featured on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop lifestyle website and sold out within minutes.