Geometry for functionality at Milan2011

Sebastian Schönheit’s simple geometric furniture pieces are often inspired by Greek mythology.

Combining simple geometric forms with precise functionality, Sebastian Schönheit will the presenting "Atlas, Mai and Polos" in collaboration with My Bauhaus Is Better Than Yours in the Carwan Gallery exhibit at Ventura Lambrate during the Milan Furniture Fair from 12 to 17 April 2011.

German product designer Schönheit’s Atlas side table refers to Atlas, the Greek Titan who was known to “prop the world up”, says Schönheit. The narrow table top of Atlas lays gracefully upon a slick plinth, creating the appearance that it is floating.

The dining table Polos is based on the contrast of optical ease and high stability. The table appears to be very light but is, in fact, very stable with the frame made from black anodised aluminium while the table top is finished with a stained silky matte.

The last product in the collection is the two-armed joint light Mai, inspired by the geometrical abstractions of branch formations in nature. Mai can easily be moved to whichever position the user requires, making it a versatile functional object. The arm of the Mai has a 360° range of movement, allowing the direction of the light to be easily controlled.

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