Geometric jewellery from Philisa Zibi

Design Indaba 2016 Emerging Creative Philisa Zibi creates geometric jewellery for women in a variety of mediums.

Geometrically obscure jewellery is what Philisa Zibi creates with her company MA ART. Odd shaped and distinctly African, her pieces are made with a professional touch, which she cultivated through her studies in the field of design.

A recent graduate of the Tshwane University of Technology, Zibi infuses her designs with a variety of elements ranging from silver and wood to wire and plastic.

She started making jewellery during her final year of school in 2002 while attending the College of Cape Town's visual arts matriculation programme. Here, she worked with basic wire jewellery and soon developed a love for the art.

MA ART fuses traditionally inspired pieces with modern construction techniques to create unique geometrically inspired jewellery for women.

Image: Philisa Zibi