Geometric in design

Combining odd geometric shapes with a subtle emotional response, Famke Jewellery Design bridges the gap between the impersonal and the personal.

Part of the Project

From the Series

A natural hoarder and a lover of worn objects, Famke Jewellery Design creates subtle pieces that contrast with odd geometric shapes.

Exploring the world of design and fine art, Famke Koene found her craft and passion in jewellery design. She graduated from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology Jewellery Department in 2011, and further discovered in-depth industrial design at the prestigious Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

Famke’s unique creations stem from her desire to bring cold impersonal objects into a softer light, making them seem subtle and narrative. In order to achieve this result, her design process involves combining hard geometric shapes with natural objects, revealing an emotional and personal connection in each piece.

My jewellery is both visually captivating and poetic in their simplistic depth.

The year has been a giant triumph for Famke Jewellery Design, stocking several shops in South Africa with authentically skillful pieces. From Mungo and Jemima, Mr and Mrs, Stefania Morland, Haas, Tanya Wheeler and Meanwhile to Suzaan Heyns, Famke Jewellery Design has become a household name among creatives in South Africa.

Famke Jewellery Design was part of the Emerging Creatives programme at Design Indaba 2012. The experience was extremely rewarding as she sold out of her popular “geometric” and “bone” pieces resulting in media reviews flooding in following her success.