Gemstone additions

Hella Jongerius has designed a limited-edition table that is inspired by the beauty of gemstones.
Gemstone Table by Hella Jongerius.
Gemstone Table by Hella Jongerius.

Inspired by the natural beauty of gemstones, Hella Jongerius designs a limited edition table adaptable to any living space.

Dutch product and interior designer Jongerius is renowned for designing furniture that combines materials and techniques in archetypical shapes. The Gemstone limited edition table is no different. Gemstone Table is formed by stacked layers of transparent, milky and opaque jewel-toned polyester with multiplex, creating an aesthetic reminiscent of gemstones like agate and malachite. 

The Gemstone Table, commissioned by Galerie Kreo in Paris, is available in three sizes and four colour ways: Quartz, Onyx, Ruby and Jade.  

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