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Jaime Hayón's collection of garden furniture for BD Barcelona includes vases, planters, benches, chairs and a beautiful watering can.

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Beautiful, subtle, varied and multi-functional are just some of the terms used to describe Jaime Hayón's new collection of furniture for the garden – Gardenias for BD Barcelona.

In addition to the furniture pieces, the collection includes sculptural vases, planters made of fine terracotta, chairs that come with and without a pergola, benches and a very attractive watering can.

One of the collection’s distinguishing characteristics is the way that it manages to translate the generally rigid, square-shaped metallic outdoor furniture into something more romantic that can also be used indoors.

Hayón's unique design style is evident in the collection in the way it renders metal into organic, natural, shapes – shapes that one would come to expect in furniture made of wood.

Says Hayón of the collection: “The aim is to revive the classical elegance of garden furniture with a style that is high quality and contemporary – visually light but also solid and resistant. Its delicate aspect hides a highly sophisticated technical development that achieves the maximum with the minimum.”

The collection combines cast aluminium in the curved forms with extruded aluminium in the side sections – calculated to support the demands of commercial use. But it is the finishes that make the furniture versatile – by adding textile accessories the pieces can easily be used indoors.


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