Garden explorations

Matali Crasset's Le Blobterre de Matali is an installation that serves as a space of exploration for children.

Le Blobterre de Matali is an installation by Matali Crasset at Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, functioning as an entertainment and exploration site for children.

Crasset transformed the children’s gallery of Centre Pompidou into an imaginary world that breaks away from the logic and logistics of the everyday.

Visitors are encouraged to immerse themselves in creativity in this artificial landscape. Both children and adults are pushed to enjoy the new structures, as well as the smells and sounds of the space.

The installation has been made to look like a hybrid garden with the use of organic forms, even though there are no references to the biological aspects of a garden.

Various “extratoofs” comprise a system of shapes that create a mini zone inside the "extratoofs", encouraging visitors to investigate what is inside.

Le Blobterre de Matali can be seen until 5 March 2012.

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