Gadget: Purpose wanted

The Chumby, a real geek's toy, is an internet-connected touchscreen device. It's thoroughly open-source and runs widgets on Linux software.

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While consumers mob iPhone shops like the Star Trek fans of yesteryear, the real gadget geeks are salivating over what appears to be a hacky sack with a touchscreen - The Chumby. Internet-connected and running on Linux software, The Chumby is a thoroughly open-source device that primarily runs widgets - small programs, each with one purpose e.g. the weather forecast that together create an ongoing stream of data. This is not exactly a huge set of features, however, The Chumby is targeted at the uber geek who wants to tinker, play and program their own uses for the toy. Chumby Industries are hoping that in the process, one of the geeks will stumble upon something useful for the rest of the consumer market.