Futuristic keys

Oscar Diaz investigated a solution for replacing lost keys in an efficient, convenient and fun project.

Replacing lost keys could be as easy as using a photo booth or cash point with Oscar Diaz’s project “While You Sleep”.

Product designer Oscar Diaz introduced a project, which proposes a quick, efficient and convenient way to replace lost keys. The process becomes as easy as drawing money from an ATM or taking a few pictures, activities people are extremely familiar with and can even do while they sleep.

The concept behind “While You Sleep” draws on using virtual safety deposit boxes for storing templates of various home and office keys. If a key is lost or needs to be replaced, its owner is able to access the template via a phone, computer or any other digital device. The template is then sent to a key cutter, who will scan the template and have a new key in a matter of seconds.

Not only is the system easy and convenient, it can also be turned into a fun task through customising keys to suit individual preferences. Diaz suggests that keys are developed in a variety of colours and shapes to bring a fun element into an otherwise tedious task.

“While You Sleep” was commissioned for New Simplicity, an exhibition highlighting simple and efficient design for the future. 

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