Freyja Sewell talks tech, meditation and design for the mind

We spoke to the Global Graduate before Design Indaba 2019 about making mindfulness visible.

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Isn’t it ironic that aids for mindfulness and meditation found a home in our mobile devices? A lot of the time, it’s the very thing catalysing some of our daily stresses.

Recognising the constant obsession with performance charts and goals and its adverse effects, Freyja Sewell sought to deploy technology to devise a more effective solution. It led her to delve deeper into the effects of technology, like shortened attention spans, isolation and a waning sense of empathy.

Herself a suffer of mental health disorders, alongside her research, she also identified a need for a way to help individuals understand their thoughts better.

Sewell is one of 12 Global Graduates curated for Design Indaba Festival 2019

And so, Sewell’s Metacognition Revolution project seeks to facilitate a revolution in which people take the time to consider their thoughts.

Watch the video below to hear how she hopes to achieve this through her work.

Want to know more? Watch Sewell's full antenna talk in which she expends on these concepts and keep an eye on our home base for her full Design Indaba 2019 talk. 

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