Framed for famine

Posterity is a collection of posters that draw attention to the famine in East Africa, while also raising funds for the cause.

In East African countries the lives of some 13 million people are under severe threat as a result of drought and famine. While UNICEF’s efforts in this region are helping, a lot more needs to be done to bring relief to these desperate people.

Social innovation labs Good for Nothing and Made by Many have come up with a creative solution in the form of the 50/50 project, an initiative that calls on creatives to submit one fundraising project a day for 50 days.

New York-based visual effects agency The Mill created a series of posters for the cause. The "Posterity" posters are a collection of limited-edition designs that range from abstract imagery to direct critiques on issues around drought and famine.

The agency was keen to do something related to the issue but wasn’t “banging you over the head”, says The Mill art director Emmett Dzieza.

One poster, for example, uses quotes to juxtapose famine victims with the kind of self-afflictted starvation often seen amongst celebrities.

All net-proceeds from Posterity will go to UNICEF’s relief efforts in the region.