Form and function

Marlon Darbeau’s Peera is a reinterpretation of the handy little bench that has a place in every home.

The Peera bench by Trinidad and Tobago-based designer Marlon Darbeau is more than a place to sit. It also works as a nifty, easy-to-carry box – great for tools, drinks or whatever you like! Peera can also double-up as a low table, ideal for using outdoors.

Darbeau explains that the Peera investigates notions of convergence, the utilisation of design and craftsmanship. He also believes that limited resources are forcing designers to “consider improvisation and demands a thing to have many purposes”.

The metal bench functions as a cover for the wooden carrying unit, which simply needs to be turned over to become the bench or low table.

Peera can be viewed as part of the Global Africa Project at the Museum of Art and Design in New York until 15 May 2011.

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