Forget peace, here's to Goodwill and Fernandes!

One is almost tempted to use the old cliché “dynamite comes in small packages” when describing this teeny tiny magazine.

Peace and goodwill are often believed to go together. But it seems that Goodwill and Fernandes are more like the two peas in this pod. Goodwill is from South Africa and Fernandes is from Argentina. Makes sense…

Goodwill Fernandes is a matchbox size magazine by design and publishing agency The President, with creative director Peet Pienaar as designer and editor.

The President opened a studion in Buenos Aires, Argentina last year. The similarities that they found between South African and Argentina was the inspiration for this magazine. The two countries are both post-colonial, emerging economies and an interesting mix of first and third world.

The name of the publication, Goodwill Fernandes, is a hint at the fact that it is a collaboration between writers and designers from both continents. Contents include an interview with Francois van Coke, leader singer of Afrikaans rock band Van Coke Kartel, and a story about a group called “Jesus Saves” that cleans up graffiti in Cape Town with an alternative form of graffiti. There’s also a feature on how Argentina’s government uses graffiti as an effective means of campaigning, even though this art form is illegal in that country, as well as short stories by writers from both countries.

This lovely little packaging of interesting thoughts, ideas, writing and good design comes in a paper slipcase. The design only uses one colour and measures a mere 85 x 52 mm. But with over 270 pages this tiny book is a must-have for magazine junkies.