Forces of gravity

The Gravity Stool uses the natural forces of gravity and magnetism in the production process.

One of the basic laws of physics in that everything is influenced by gravitation.

Dutch designer Jólan van der Wiel’s Gravity Chair, that was recently seen at Imm Cologne 2012, plays with manipulating the natural phenomenon of gravity by exploiting the power of magnetism .

As such, the shape of the Gravity Stool is the result of the cooperation between magnetic fields and forces of gravity.

For the Gravity collection of stools Van der Wiel developed a “magnet machine”, which allows him to positiion magnetic fileds above and below a container of polarised material. The furniture is shaped and formed by pulling down and then releasing the hanging units, with the substance that follows being drawn upwards by magnetic force and  thus allowing nature to determine the shape of the piece.

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