Flying ambulance drone proposed for time-sensitive emergencies

Argodesign’s ambulance quadcopter is designed to improve emergency response times in critical medical situations.

From crime-watching robots to firefighting drones, robotic technology is opening up a realm of possibilities for advancements in the public service sector. Focussed on innovative design for the future, Texas-based creative firm Argodesign has created a rendering of a flying ambulance drone able to get to a critically injured person in a matter of minutes.

The Argodesign team has modelled the one-person ambulance drone after a standard quadcopter propelled by four rotors. An internal GPS system or a pilot will navigate the drone, which will include an Emergency Medical Treatment (EMT) system for a paramedic to stabilise a patient once loaded into the glass pod. The concept aims to improve response times in emergency situations with rapid transport to and from the nearest medical facility.

The size of a small car, the compact ambulance drone will be able to reach injured people by weaving in and around any obstacles in time-sensitive situations.

“Obviously, it’s not a thoroughly vetted concept, but I think it’s extremely intriguing where drones might show up. It would be nice to see them used this way, rather than another military function or more photography,” says Argodesign founder Mark Rolston.