Flower House: Bringing the dead to life

Abandoned for 15 years, this Detroit home became an internationally acclaimed art project called Flower House.

For one weekend in October 2015, floral designer Lisa Waud reinvigorated a dilapidated home using 40 000 American grown plants, petals, buds and berries. With the help of 37 floral designers from several states and Canada, Waud created what is now an internationally acclaimed, fleeting floral exhibition called Flower House.

Waud bought the timeworn home and a boarded-up neighbour in Hamtramck, Michigan for $500. The house had been uninhabited for 15 years. Waud and her team transformed the buildings into floral installations.

Over three days, the installation attracted over 3 400 guests, all enthralled by the building’s battered exterior juxtapositioned with its beautiful interior. According to Oregon Live, plants lined the walls, and peeling paint took on the shape of petals as buds hung from the ceiling.

Once the installation reached its limit, the home was deconstructed and its materials repurposed. The land was converted into a flower farm and design center for Waud's floral shop pot and box.

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