Fixing holes

A pretty little garden scene in a pothole on the streets of London is a great way to make people smile and alert them to potholes.

“Part art project, part labour of love, part experiment, part mission to highlight how shit our roads are”, is how the London-based pothole gardener Steve Wheen describes his gardening efforts around the east parts of his city.

Wheen started gardening in potholes as part of a project for a university course. He soon found it to be a creative outlet for something that annoys him, and found it growing from there.

Something of a Guerrilla Gardener, Wheen takes a variety of props and his camera onto quiet streets and footpaths where he creates a pretty little garden and then photographs it for his blog. He makes sure not to leave the props out after shooting the garden, so it poses no hazard to anybody. Wheen’s aim with his pothole gardening work is simply to make people smile and alert them to the potholes.

Here’s a video of his work.