Finger ballet

Pentagram's Abbott Miller has designed an app that allows users to choreograph their own ballet sequences.

Learn to pirouette like a pro with Pentagram partner Abbott Miller’s Passe-Partout iPad app that lets users create their own choreographic sequence.

Passe-Partout is an extension of Miller’s collaboration with 2wice Arts Foundation following on from their initial Fifth Wall and DOT DOT DOT apps. Now, with the design of the Passe-Partout app, users can create their own ballet performances by selecting and combining a series of dances, each with its own musical score.

The app draws on sequences choreographed by New York City Ballet soloist Justin Peck and music composed by Aaron Severini, which can be combined to create a polyphonic soundtrack to the visual layering of dance moves.

The app’s title is taken from the French for “goes everywhere”, alluding to an iPad being a portable performing arts space. Its elegant interface reveals buttons to the left of the screen that control sequences. A time code signalling which dance is activated runs across the screen while the user is building a particular sequence. Pentagram partner Eddie Opara developed the app’s technology. 

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