The Fedora lighting range is inspired by a Russian doll

Dima Loginoff , the rising star of Russian design, plays with a traditional shape in his latest contemporary design for Italian design company Axo Light.

The iconic curvature of the Russian nesting doll has been given modern revival in Axo Light’s new lighting range by award-winning, Moscow-based product designer Dima Loginoff. Despite the fact that Loginoff has been dubbed “the least Russian designer in Russia,” the standout feature of his five-part suspended lighting series is the design’s shape, which is universally associated with Russian tradition.

It’s quite ironic that the Fedora lamp, made of aluminium and glass, has a minimalist and modern-looking aesthetic when its source of inspiration is old-fashioned – even the product’s name is the forgotten Russian name of the Loginoff’s great-grandmother.

“I'm a big fan of minimalism, but sometimes I simply feel that classical forms are perfect to be redesigned and turned into a modern product,” said Loginoff.

The suspended lamps are available in bronze, rose gold or chrome and feature a textured glass rim and LED light source. The Fedora collection has been designed to include a cluster of three, six and twelve lamps, and a set of seven lamps in a line.

Loginoff has established himself as an exciting emerging talent in the Western design world, having been commissioned by brands such as Vitra, Elle Decoration and Studio Italia Design. His recent success does not go without merit. Dima looks at the world through big “designer-like binoculars,” and magnifies the seemingly mundane with a unique vision.

According to Loginoff, “designing lamps is one of the aspects I love more about my work. This idea includes so many aspects: shape and aesthetics, the light, its rays, the shadows. And people always forget about the darkness. In one turn you light up the darkness. Which other piece of design can do that?”

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