Fashion frenzy at DI2011 Expo

The Cape Town Fashion Council created a style experience on the Design Indaba Expo Floor. And visitors loved it.

By creating an exclusive and attractive boutique-like look and feel on the Expo floor, the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC) had visitors in ecstasy about the creations of the designers they represented, including Baie Nice, Coppelia, Doreen Southwood, David West, Christopher Strong, Stefania Morland, The Summit and August.

Though their sales figures and orders speak for themselves, programme and events manager of the CTFC Sylvia Gruber says the beautiful shopping environment they created, with two changing rooms in the middle, really helped. “Our designer collections were also the ones to feature exclusively on the runway, which was a great way to create awareness about our designers.”

Of the designers represented by CTFC, David West says he loved that he was able to create brand awareness by meeting his clients. He was also happy that visitors has the opportunity to see fashion shows which they otherwise might not be likely to see. Like West, Stefania Morland also saw Design Indaba Expo as a fantastic space in which to make people more aware of her brand. Rather than selling from her stand, Cindy Poole of The Summit was happy to report on great wholesale deals she managed to secure.

Browse The Summit's gorgeous selection of designs on Design Indaba Shop.