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Biofluff’s Savian is the ‘world’s first plant-based fur’.

Instead of hosting a typical fashion show during Copenhagen Fashion Week, Danish fashion brand Ganni held an exhibition dedicated to the future: the future of fashion, future talent and the future of fabrics and textiles. At this exhibition, Ganni unveiled bags made using the ‘world's first plant-based fur’.

This followed another fashion brand, Stella McCartney, which, at its sustainable innovation exhibit during the COP28 UN Climate Conference in December 2023, showcased over 15 pioneers in agriculture, bio- and plant-based alternatives to plastic, animal leather and fur, and traditional fibres.

One of the plant-based alternatives to traditional fabrics is Savian, the first material from New York- and Paris-based startup Biofluff that produces plant-based materials to replace animal and synthetic materials by providing ethical and green solutions.

‘Savian emerged from a blend of science, textile engineering and fashion,’ writes Biofluff. ‘We envision the future of the materials industry evolving through uniting innovation with established technologies. Our mission is to inspire creatives, showing them sustainability isn't a constraint but an avenue to explore new possibilities in harmony with nature.’

Many existing faux furs on the market are made from plastic. Although this may make them cruelty free, it doesn't necessarily make them sustainable due to the immense impact plastics have on the planet. Savian has the potential to replace existing plastic faux furs that shed microplastic particles with every wash, filling water and air streams that are ingested by both wildlife and humans.

Savian’s plant-based fur is produced from natural materials combined with sustainable biotechnology; all its raw materials, including dyes, are plant-based and natural.

Savian is sourced from GMO-free vegetable inputs such as nettle, hemp and flax – approximately 50% of which can be gained from agricultural waste streams. Based on current scaling calculations, it can replace high-quality synthetic fur and be produced using approximately 40-90% less CO2.

‘As part of LVMH’s La Maison Des Startups at Station F in Paris, we are actively reshaping the fashion landscape,’ continues the Biofluff team. ‘Savian is the embodiment of this, harmonising fibre science and textile knowledge with tradition and savoir faire — making it a versatile choice for garments and accessories. Beyond fashion, Savian signifies a paradigm shift. It's a collaborative venture with nature, where every design is not only inspired by the environment but created in partnership with it.’

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