Experimental Jetset portfolio

Design Indaba Conference 2014 speakers, Experimental Jetset is an Amsterdam-based graphic design studio. Here's a quick snapshot of some of their work.

Whitney Museum graphic identity (2012)

In 2011, Experimental Jetset was approached by the Whitney Museum of American Art to design their new graphic identity. Instead of creating a static identity they were asked to create a new graphic language, a sort of graphic toolbox, for the Whitney’s in-house design team to work with. The result is ‘Responsive W’, a flexible typographic device.

Playboy Architecture (2012)

Playboy Architecture 1953 – 1979 was curated by the M+M (Media and Modernity) programme at the Princeton University School of Architecture, a post-graduate research project headed by Beatriz Colomina. The aim of the project was to explore the radical modernist dimensions of Playboy Magazine, and to investigate the magazine's influence on architecture and other forms of design (furniture, interior, etc.). Experimental Jetset designed a graphic intervention, specifically responding to the exhibits as well as posters, invitations, window typography and adverts.

The Printed Book (2012)

The Printed Book: A Visual History exhibition consisted of a three-room display of 130 books from the collection of the library of the University of Amsterdam, as selected by curator Mathieu Lommen. Experimenal Jetset designed the exhibition, and surrounding printed matter.

Two or Three Things I Know About Provo (2011)

Two or Three Things I Know About Provo is an exhibition that Experimental Jetset curated, designed and installed. The subject of this exhibition is the Provo movement, including some of its post-Provo manifestations.

They were also responsible for all the research and texts (and most of the translations as well).  The exhibition had its first showing in exhibition space W139 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and a second edition travelled to the Moravian Gallery, a museum in Brno, Czech Republic.  

Clip/Stamp/Fold (2010)

Clip/Stamp/Fold was an exhibition (on the subject of architectural fanzines) that was developed around 2006 at 'Media + Modernity', the post-grad research programme at the School of Architecture at Princeton University. This traveling exhibition arrived at NAiM / Bureau Europa already designed including related graphics. Experimental Jetset were responsible for the more public elements like posters, the invitation and the window lettering.

Club Céramique (2010) 

NAiM / Bureau Europa hosted a huge public project, focusing completely on Céramique, an area in the city of Maastricht (and the district in which NAiM / Bureau Europa was situated). Titled 'Club Céramique', the project consisted of a large number of events and activities, which took place in and around the building of NAiM / Bureau Europa. Experimental Jetset opted to design a complete set of stationery for the project instead of a single invitation. The result is a set of A4-sized sheets, carrying a Club Céramique letterhead, offset-printed in different colours. The staff of NAiM / Bureau Europa could then use these sheets as invitations, laser-printing all kinds of texts and images on it, to announce upcoming activities.

SMCS / Stedelijk Museum CS (2004)

Experimental Jetset create the graphic identity of the Stedelijk Museum CS, the temporary exhibition space of the Amsterdam museum of modern art.

Elysian Fields (1999)

Elysian Fields was an exhibition that took place in 2000 at the Centre Pompidou, curated by Elein Fleiss and Oliver Zahm, of the French magazine Purple. Experimental Jetset not only designed the catalogue, but also created all kinds of printed matter, the sign system and a large mural that would be part of the exhibition. The catalogue was designed to be a book in its own right as a publication that would also function outside the context of the exhibition.

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