EVOLVE: Egypt’s local artists interpret Phobia

Cairo-based art project, EVOLVE calls local artists together to contemplate and share their digital interpretations of phobia.

The Egyptian initiative, EVOLVE, is an art collective currently running its fifth exhibition. This time around the theme is Phobia, for which local digital artists from Cairo are encouraged to submit their designs, art, and illustrations. The artworks then get displayed on Behance, the online art and design platform.

The Phobia collection looks at the immortality and permanent nature of fear, as well as the way in which it consumes its victims, preventing them from progressing or evolving. The words “Kill it, before it kills you” opens the collection and inspires artists to interpret the theme in a personal capacity.

Through its inception, Evolve hoped that it would bring different styles and talents together: “We aim to unite different types of artists into one collaborative community”.

Each exhibition has a different theme, connecting the artists who have to interpret and respond using their own unique techniques, skills and ideas.

The collection also features the work of twin brothers and comic book artists, Haitham and Mohamed Raafat El-seht. Under the name Twins Cartoon, they use their art to give an accurate, constructive interpretation of society.  

Watch the Talk with Twins Cartoon