Ethnik appeal

Laduma Ngxokolo's 2013 knitwear collection, "My Heritage, My Inheritance" is dedicated to his late mother. He showed it at the Labo Ethnik Fashion Weekend.

At the Labo Ethnik Fashion Weekend in Paris recently Laduma Ngxokolo presented his 2013 knitwear collection, “My Heritage, My Inheritance”.

In his own Ngxokolo dedicates this collection to his late mother.

"My late mother's dream as a knitwear designer in the 1980s was to lavishly tour Cape Town very often. She more often fantasised about experiencing the fashion in Paris, she even arranged West Africans to teach her and my siblings French, unfortunately circumstances couldn't allow her to make her dream a reality.

Ten years since her passing, I wish she knew then that I'd be invited by Labo Ethnik Fashion Week to showcase my 2013 knitwear collection themed: "My Heritage, My Inheritance" which I specifically dedicated her: Lindelwa Ngxokolo." 

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