For eternity

The new Diamant series of coffins and urns: For a more dignified farewell...

Diamonds are forever they say and now Jacob Jensen Design is ensuring that this is in fact so.

The Diamant series of coffins and urns was created by the Danish consultancy for the coffin-maker Tommerup Kister. Inspired by the shape of a diamond, and its nobility and purity, it’s the perfect send-off for those that enjoyed the finer things in life.

Constructed by hand with Nirdic Birch plywood and finished with black or white laquer the coffins are all upholstered with organic cotton in a butterfly pattern. The butterflies symbolise the soul leaving the body.

With its clear lines and contrasting dark and light tones, the coffin tries to create the type of harmony that one hopes will accompany death. The coffin has been designed so that its highest point is in line with the heart of the deceased and the outside surface is designed such that a single flower can be placed on the heart.

In most cultures funeral rituals are still defined by taboos and a lot of mystery, making this project a real design challenge for Jacob Jensen Design. Says Timothy Jacob Jensen: “This is an area which demands great reverence and respect, but it seemed to me that the classic and simple form language that has characterised our designs, suited very well indeed.”