Enlightening Cambodia

A solar-powered streetlight project in Cambodia is helping to improve the country's image.

From the Series

Cambodia is generally perceived to be poverty-stricken and war-ravaged. But a new solar-powered streetlight project is trying to turn negative notions around and make the country more attractive as a tourist destination.

The solar-powered streetlight project is the innovation of Asiana Airlines and the Korea International Cooperation Agency who wanted to provide “free of charge aid activities” at a location that’s been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in Angkor Wat.

Installing solar-powered streetlights have been a way of making the area safer for residents and tourists. Korean studio Nothing Design Group collaborated on this project, which aims to change Cambodia’s image and brand value.

Thus far 16 streetlights have been installed and the plan is to install between five and 10 additional streetlights every year until 2015. Compared to typical incandescent bulbs, the solar streetlights lower carbon emissions to the equivalent of 86 pine trees.

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