Elegance in the air

Marcel Wanders has designed a fab new range of tableware for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

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Whatever your thoughts are on airline food there is no doubt that KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ offering is going to taste a whole lot better, as of March 2011.

That’s if you’re travelling World Business Class. Marcel Wanders has designed a range of tableware that includes glass, porcelain, cutlery, linen and trays for the airline.

The presentation of food and drinks on the service will now embody the inspirational spirit that the airline strives for.

In designing the range, Wanders paid particular attention to the needs of flyers, the working procedures of the cabin crew and environmental considerations. The tableware is aesthetically typically Dutch and lighter in weight than previous ranges. By reducing the weight of the service the environmental impact is also reduced as the lighter the load on board the aircraft the less fuel it needs, thus lowering carbon emissions.

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