Eco Mushroom streetlight absorbs vehicle pollution

An innovative streetlight could be an answer to extreme air pollution caused by CO2 emissions on the road.

According to the World Health Organisation, the transport sector is the largest contributor to air pollution and subsequently, climate change. As the reduction of CO2 emissions becomes a progressively urgent matter for many city councils and governments around the world, there is a growing demand for systems and innovations designed to reduce air pollution. One such design is the Eco Mushroom – a solar powered streetlight that is able to absorb pollution.

The Eco Mushroom street lamp specifically targets urban road networks that have become high-pollution areas. Powered by solar energy, the compact LED streetlight is equipped with a device called a scrubber, which is able to absorb CO2. Polluted air is pulled through four ducts then passed through the light’s central Air Purification System (APS) and finally released as purified air through a vent positioned on the pole portion of the structure.

A series of Eco Mushrooms installed alongside a busy road network can result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions, and provide air-quality information for monitoring pollution on the roads.