Eco-friendly food carts on the move in the US

MOVE Systems have designed a food cart that aims to cut harmful emissions by 95 per cent, and they'll be populating the streets of New York soon.

MOVE Systems in the United States have designed an environmentally friendly alternative to the traditional food cart. Where normal food carts contribute to pollution and are an expensive operation to run, MOVE’s alternative, called MRV100s, is expected to be cleaner, safer and more economical.

The MRV100 operates on a hybrid energy system consisting of a rechargeable battery, solar energy, and natural gas. This hybrid operating system reduces smog-causing pollution by over 95 percent. The food cart can be charged at a Simply Grid charging station. 

The hybrid energy system removes pollution equivalent to taking 200 cars off the road per year. According to MOVE’s website, this makes the air around the cart cleaner for the vendor and customer, and is also cost-efficient.

While considering the impact on the environment, MOVE is also attempting to positively influence the lives of the vendors inside the food cart. The company has partnered with war veterans to give them the opportunity to operate their own businesses.

The Food Cart Pilot Project is committed to aiding veterans in the transition from combat to civilian life and the first 100 MRV100s have been earmarked for disabled veterans.

New York boasts over 5 000 licensed mobile food vendors. This pilot project will see the roll-out of 500 eco-friendly MRV100s in the streets of New York this year.



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