Eclectic accessories

From humorous doorstoppers to sophisticated dishes, Tom Dixon's "Eclectic" collection consists of unique and playful accessories.

Tom Dixon’s new collection of accessories, Eclectic, draws on British heritage in a playful and treasured way.

An assortment of functional and decorative pieces taking inspiration from British legacy and driven by London-based innovation, was launched in October 2012. The collection consists of spirited creations that are made from materials including copper, marble, cast-iron and wood.

The “Hex” collection is made up of a series of multi-functional dishes and a champagne bucket. Each piece is made from solid copper, hand-beaten to imprint a hexagonal pattern and sealed with a food-safe clear lacquer.

The classic “English Gentleman’s Brogue” is cast in solid aluminium. Each shoe is either plated in copper or coated in black powder to suit individual tastes. The artefact can be used as a decorative design piece or as a humorous doorstop.

The “Mini Jack” takes its inspiration from Dixon’s “Jack Light” creation. The “Mini Jack” is a paperweight made from aluminium that is copper plated or black powder coated. It is ideal for the fashionable desktop or can be piled to create a unique doorstop.

Modelled on a British factory from the Industrial era, Dixon’s “Moneybox” is perfect for the diligent saver. The box is made from cast aluminium and reveals slits on the rooftop to enter coins.

A “Nutcracker”, also made from durable aluminium is threaded with brass detail and designed to fit perfectly into the palm of a hand.

“Chop” is a series of chopping boards made from solid oak with a soft curved edge. The longer boards are ideal for slicing bread, while the rectangular and paddle shapes are ideal for serving pizzas and other food assortments. Each board is imprinted with a brass Eclectic logo and features a convenient hole for hanging or holding the board.

The “Bash” collection adds an element of sophistication to a modern table setting. Designed in two sizes, each vessel is made from brass and sculpted by hand to create a crumpled finish. The pieces are finished with a gold wash and are ideal for extravagant flower vases, fruit bowls or contemporary sculpture pieces. A series of five delicate dishes are designed in the same manner and sealed with food-safe lacquer.

The "Stone Candleholder” is designed to hold a variety of candle sizes. Made from Indian Morwad marble, the candleholders are simple and sophisticated.

Also see Tom Dixon’s latest contributions to his Eclectic collection, “Scented candles”, "Tool The Mathematician" and "Block" watch. 

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