Draw your food

Using acrylic, collage, watercolour, ink and pen, illustrator David Meldrum documented everything he ate for a year.

From the Series

Illustrator David Meldrum documented everything he ate for an entire year.

The resulting 365 works have been executed in numerous mediums including acrylic, collage, watercolour, pen and ink.

Besides showing that Meldrum consumed 122 Freddo bars, 34 packets of Tyrrells crisps, 15 fried breakfasts, 1 350 cups of coffee, 91 bowls of porridge and 18 Tunnocks caramel wafers, the resulting exhibition also offered an overview of the state of contemporary food advertising, packaging and signage.

Although Meldrum tried hard not to let his food diary influence what he ate, he does confess that he sometimes found himself choosing food based on the packaging being fun to draw.