Do you know Canada?

Did you know that Ryan Gosling, the Blackberry phone, Arcade Fire and Trivial Pursuit are all Canadian exports? Now you Know Canada!

There are lots of jokes about Cananda and Canadians. Just ask an American.

But, jokes aside, this northern country is about far more than maple syrup, hockey and snow. And a new branding initiative “Know Canada” is out to show exactly how much more.

Innovation studio Bruce Mau Design (BMD) teamed up with Kurt Andersen’s arts and culture radio programme Studio 360 to reimagine and redesign the Canadian brand to something that more accurately represents the country in the 21st century.

Think Justin Bieber, Ryan Gosling and the Blackberry phone and already you’re closer to what it’s really about.

BMD and Studio 360 created billboards, T-shirts, posters, bus shelters and conference backdrops as just some of the visual media to promote a new, cliché-free image and identity for Canada.

The initiative works from the assumption that Americans don’t understand Canada so the project has, very aptly, been named “Know Canada”.

Two solid red bars, taken from the sides of the Canadian national flag, are used throughout the campaign to frame iconic Canadian people, places and inventions.