Dinner's ready

The kitchen has always been the heart of the home but will the oven be the new brain of the home? Carlo Ratti Associati explores the future of this appliance.

What if your oven was intelligent enough to interact with you, understand your habits and give you tips about your daily nutrition? Carlo Ratti Associati’s Open Oven project explores this possibility.

International design firm Carlo Ratti Associati, founded by Carlo Ratti, recently collaborated with Hotpoint-Ariston for the groundbreaking project Open Oven, which allows visitors to explore, first-hand, the magic world of technology inside ovens today, as well as how rapidly advancing technologies are radically changing the functions that will be available in the ovens of tomorrow.

The Open Oven project encourages visitors to learn how connectivity, through the integration of advanced sensors, enables the transformation of the oven into a network that can host and offer new interactive and digital services.

Our home appliances have become much like the computers we use everyday. The electronics we find inside our computers have permeated all our domestic objects and are allowing us to communicate directly with them all through a single device, says Ratti.

Open Oven dissects the oven into its various components and displays them in their exploded form, allowing visitors to see the various technologies present and how they work alone or together. Visitors are encouraged to examine the impact of new technologies on the oven in terms of design, safety, comfort, food care, cleaning, energy saving and connectivity.

The Open Oven project further explores the possibilities of new technologies through advanced sensors. These sensors will gather data on the dishes that are prepared, while the personal smart bracelet monitors mood, state of health and physical activity.

The Open Oven project creates an intelligent instrument to improve the quality of life, says Ratti.

Open Oven was unveiled earlier this year in Milan, Italy. 

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