Digital library

The Digital Library in Sao Paulo, Brazil, combines high-tech with analogue to create a comfortable look and feel for a family home.

From the Series

Brazilian architects YTA have three guiding philosophies in their Sao Paulo practice. They believe in designing for the essence of materials, rationalising resources and optimising the elements they work with.

Their Digital Library project manifests these beliefs in a space where high-tech is made to work alongside raw matter in the spare room of a family home in Sao Paulo. The room has been turned into a multimedia library with pine floorboards and industrial-style lighting on the walls.

With the vision to create dialogue and balance, the pine boards throughout the space are able to easily fold and unfold, allowing the books and other media to be “wrapped”. On one of the walls the boards are also able to fold up from the floor to create a stand for a television and in the process revealing the stark concrete below. Furniture and other (random) items are scattered around the room while the various electrical sockets are integrated within the lighting grids.

Various technological elements allow the user to control the audio, video, lighting, temperature and safety of this specific environment, using a tablet computer and online navigation.

Easily accessible books and magazines in the Digital Library are reminiscent of an analogue age.