Digital array

Christoph Niemann's current solo exhibition showcases some of his digital work in tangible drawings and prints for the first time.

Illustrator and author Christoph Niemann‘s current solo show at Galerie Max Hetzler in Berlin showcases a vast selection of work revealing the designer’s transition from print to digital illustration.

Including drawings, new silkscreens and wall installations, the exhibition offers visitors an in-depth look at Niemann’s work over the last few years. One of its most thrilling features is tangible drawings and prints that previously could only be viewed digitally.

On the occasion of the gallery’s 40th anniversary, Niemann developed an entire series of absurd silkscreen prints that represent the history of the gallery as well as previously exhibited artists in metaphoric images from the world of soccer. The prints have been titled “Galerie Max Hetzler celebrated 40 year anniversary of VfB Stuttgard”.

Niemann’s work as an author and illustrator for The New York Times has been extremely well received. For its blog he created the series Red Eye and Let it Dough. Here, Niemann’s creativity revolves poetically around daily situations. Red Eye is a visual diary of a sleepless overnight flight, while the photo series Let it Dough retells the history of creation with cookies, dough and sprinkles. 

Documented as a large wall collage is Niemann’s illustration of the New York Marathon. The designer illustrated impressions of the race while actually running it. The project was for The New York Times and aimed to explore the physical limits of creative work.

Other works on display include his I Lego New York (2010) and Abstract City (2012), which are both homages to the Big Apple.

Niemann’s interactive digital projects include the “Petting Zoo” app which was launched at Design Indaba Conference 2013; “Competitive Armchair Olympics”, a live video game for the 2012 Olympics; and “You Made That”, a homage to the invention of Photoshop 25 years ago. “You Made That” allows visitors to creatively experiment using extraordinary tools such as a squeezed lemon and animated scotch tape.

The exhibition is on display until 18 January 2014. 

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