Dark visualisations

Graphic designer Stewart Scott-Curan designed a poster visually depicting each of the songs on Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon album.

Dark Side of the Moon was the title of English rock band Pink Floyd’s eigth studio album back in 1973.

With themes like birth, life, death and the pressures of modern life running through the songs on the album, the works are rich in visual imagery. This imagery is what prompted Stewart Scott-Curran, an Atlanta-based graphic designer, to create a set of posters that visually represent each song on the album.

Scott-Curran says: “The fact that there was such a complete narrative to the album made it an obvious choice for a series of posters. I felt that I could really tell the story of the album through visual cues.”

Each track on Dark Side of the Moon has its own poster with the colour palette taking its inspiration directly from the artwork of the original cover, which was done by Hipgnosis.