Dai Fujiwara answers all at DI2009

Dai Fujiwara, creative director of Issey Miyake, responds to Design Indaba Conference 2009 audience questions submitted via SMS.

Dai Fujiwara is the creative director of the iconic Issey Miyake fashion label, known for fusing texture, colour, technology and poetry. Fujiwara himself has been at the coalface of the brand’s proprietary technological inventions through A-Poc. At the Design Indaba Conference he also tantalised the audience with his Amazon Colour Hunting project.

Here Dai Fujiwara responds to the Design Indaba audience questions:

1. What is your greatest inspiration?

Mother Nature. Because it gives you all different perspectives in your life.

2. Can we see that A-Poc Inside walking video somewhere on the net?


3. What music did you use for the video?

Sorry I need to ask our music person in Paris, but I think it is his original mix.

4. You used karate strict forms of movement (kata) for the Kinetic Frame range, did you look at the juxtaposition of movement that capoeira offers?

Last year I travelled to South America three times and visited a place called Salvadore, where capoeira started. But we felt karate would be better to work with as we liked its speed and its frame in movement.

5. Please can you repeat the last five rules/points of advice at the very end of the slide show? Right before “take it easy”.

  • See natural context.
  • Create behind story.
  • Usage of technology.
  • Work with systematic team.
  • Visualise hidden information through a thing.