Cycling simplicity

A bicycle made of bent plywood, ideal for the urban cyclist.

From the Series

The Bonobo is a bicycle, ideal for urban cyclists, made entirely from manipulated composite wood.

Featuring a strong but lightweight frame in bent plywood, the Bonobo is the creation of Warsaw-based designer Stanisław Płoski. As a natural composite material, the plywood also works to absorb vibrations.

The bike is well balanced, ensuring a comfortable ride. The functional components of the Bonobo all prioritise simplicity, like a single gear drive, thus requiring very little intervention from the rider. Similarly, the hydraulic disc brakes are very reliable and also require minimum intervention. But the rider can easily install an internal gear hub or belt drive, if so desired.

Płoski says: “Bonobo is a clever blend of technology and nature, a bike you want to ride, and be seen riding.”