Creative residency

Matali Crasset has proposed to create a community centre in Beijing where residents can interact and experiment with creativity.

With an investigation into creativity in daily life, Matali Crasset's “Unlimited Hutong” proposes an enclosed space for a community centre in the heart of Beijing, China.

The French designer is well known for her exploration into human-centred design. As part of this year’s Beijing Design Week, she unveiled the proposal for her on-going project “Unlimited Hutong”.

Hutongs are known as traditional Chinese courtyard residences where narrow streets are joined together forming large neighbourhoods. Crasset’s proposal is to create a community space by joining two hutongs. This will provide a covered space where the community of Dashilar can socialise and experiment with creative activities.

Crasset is actively seeking partners to transform this proposal into a reality. She hopes to have completed the “Unlimited Hutong” by Beijing Design Week 2014. 

Watch the Talk with Matali Crasset