Crafting power

Progressive craft company Quazi Design has revealed their 2014 lookbook. Here's a look at some of their hottest collections of the year.

From the Series

Where social and ethical standards balance cutting edge design is where you will discover Quazi Design and their sustainable, one-of-a-kind accessory pieces.

Swaziland-based Quazi Design is a progressive craft company that transforms waste magazines into accessories. Through innovative techniques, the company believes in pushing the boundaries of craft, responsibility and design.

Quazi Design’s 2014 lookbook comprises collections that are colourful, trendy, unique and desirable.

The African Queen collection is all bout innovation with materials and processes. The jewellery pieces featured in this collection are made using rolled paper, taken from discarded magazines, and made into unique beads. Each piece is varnished for durability and is the perfect combination of fashionable and eco-friendly.

Paper Rock is a collection inspired by raw materials, geode rocks and the process of transforming paper back to its original wood form. The collection includes individual, handmade jewellery pieces using waste magazine paper that incorporates hand-carved jacaranda, recycled and crushed glass as well as waste brass.

The Tehuti collection sees a range of big and bright earrings. Made combining geometric shapes, the earrings are bold and sure to make a statement with any outfit, for any occasion.

Quazi Design sure has changed the perception of paper and recycled materials through the creation of these collections and in the process empowering women through skill sharing and a sustainable, permanent income.