Craft debate: Frauke Stegmann

Graphic and porcelain designer, and Design Indaba Expo exhibitor, Frauke Stegmann weighs in on Design Indaba's craft debate.

From the Series

“Craft seems to lie at the opposite end of brands. Brands are becoming more and more associated with loss of identity and a growing globally shared visual language, where personality, location or individuality are not considered. Perhaps an anxiety stems from this possibility of loss, not only of individuality, but of the way we live, as a result of the excessive production and the consequent pollution. If craft can be a tool and key to preservation of individuality and culture, through closeness of the individual to materials, then it could also be an emancipation from pressures of conforming to global systems, with optional participation: Independent, manual production for the single household, with individual, local and cultural expression. Crafts (especially traditional) need to be treated and protected like endangered species.”

Stegmann collaborated with hand engravers for this gold-embossed CD cover.

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