In the corner, against the wall

Ineke Hans has two new designs for the home that make effective use of space.

Design solutions that allow one to maximise space, especially in the home, are always popular. Ineke Hans's latest creations, the “Corner Guy” coat stand and the “Geo” wall panels help to do that, while also just looking really cool.

Corner Guy, the coat stand that Hans designed for Van Esch re-imagines the traditional form of the coat stand. There’s an irony in that coat stands are meant to help keep things tidy and out the way, but often due to their circular design, occupy more space than what is ideal. Thus the Corner Guy with its clear, clean lines fits perfectly into forgotten corners. Two or more “islands” can be created to provide more hanging space.

It’s also really exciting when one product has a dual function as in the case of Hans’s Geo sound panels for Offecct. These panels work as highly effective but lightweight sound absorbers while also adding a gorgeous touch to your home interiors. Geo works especially well in the upper frequency ranges and also reduces sounds from the external environment. With their geometric shapes and earthy feel, Hans wanted the sound panel to work equally well as a 3D decorative item and sound absorber. No wonder Geo earned Hans a 2010 Red Dot Award.

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