Cook This Page wants to make cooking new things easy and fun

Interactive IKEA recipes demonstrate just how deliciously simple creativity can be.

Unveiled at a recent IKEA event in Canada and developed by theLeo Burnett agency, Cook This Page makes cooking effortless.

Leo Burnett creative directors say that their aim with this recipe reinvention is to make cooking easy and fun. Trying out new recipes can be a little scary for most people, so they wanted to develop a recipe that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This new collection of easy-to-make recipes is printed on non-toxic cookable parchment paper. It also features step-by-step instructions and includes a list of illustrated ingredient proportions that are required for the meal. Each recipe incorporates IKEA food and kitchen items.

How it works:

The recipes are printed on the cookable parchment paper.

The ingredients that a user simply needs to add on top of the sheet of paper are provided.

It features non-toxic ink indicating the exact proportions of each ingredient.

Salt, pepper, and powdered onion are to be added to the paper before baking.

Once the user has cooked the paper with ingredients, the meal is ready to serve and eat.

Visit their website to find out more.

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