COOK Almacén y bazar by Amueblate studios

Andrea Kac and Herman Schenck of Amueblate studios in Uruguay have designed a modular cookware collection perfect for apartment living.

The “COOK Almacén y bazar” compact cookware collection is designed for the home gourmand with more cooking utensils than space.

Designed by Andrea Kac and Herman Schenck of Amueblate studio in Uruguay, the collection includes two boards and three spoons made from lapacho and eucalyptus woods. “COOK Almacén y bazar” priorities small compact solutions for modern living that not only fit easily into shelving and cupboards, but also function in more than one way.

The boards can be used for chopping and serving, and the one doubles up as a mortar with the pestle enclosed in the collection. The spoon set has a stirring spoon, a spoon with a corner to edge (to get to those hard-to-reach places) and a spatula-spoon ideal for scrambling eggs. “We chose to redesign wooden cookware because we felt there was a gap between having modern cookware and artisanal pieces," they say.

We incorporated intuitive gestures natural to everyday cooking into the collection, enhancing the beautiful handmade wooden pieces.

The line was designed for a Uruguayan brand "COOK" that sells fresh food kits ready to be cooked at home in its new line “COOK Almacén y bazar”.

“COOK Almacén y bazar” is a finalist for Salao Design Casa Brasil 2015 - Design Award. The award is given for product design in Latin America and provides a platform for students, professionals and industry to showcase their wares.

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