Conservationists call on Coca-Cola to save the planet

An independent group of altrulists have asked Coke to pump its three billion dollar yearly advertising budget into saving the planet.
Buy The World A Hope - by Good Things
Buy The World A Hope - by Good Things

An independent group of conservationists called Good Things have appealed to Coca-Cola to channel its massive $3 billion yearly advertising budget into saving the planet. The campaign titled “Buy The World A Hope” narrows in on the positive impact global super-brands like Coke could have on the planet’s diminishing rainforests.

According to the campaign’s website, the group chose Coca-Cola to lead the charge because as the biggest advertiser in the world, the company could “leap ahead of the competition, give an entire generation something real to believe in and become a symbol of hope.”

Bringing the world together is also what the brand stands for as the company’s 2020 brand vision is to combine business and planet.

“With profits from each sale going to the cause, Coke could create billions of more active fans than normal advertising,” the campaign’s website states.

The group released the public video pitch in June this year, calling on supporters to sign their names to the petition aimed at Coke’s CEO Muhtar Kent.

“What if next year, Coca-Cola produces no advertising at all. What if they spend those $3 billion to help World Land Trusts preserve the rainforests, protecting it forever. This might just be the most compelling brand story ever told,” says the group.